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Staff Application Format

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- You must have the fundamentals of professionalism, teamwork, and dedication.

- You must be 14+ to apply.

- You must be active within the community. On the server and on forums.

- You must have Teamspeak and a microphone 

- You must understand how to deal with hacked clients.

- You must be mature about situations. 

- You must know what a hacked client is and how to tell if a player is hacking.

- (NOTE) You must meet all requirements or you will be denied.

- (NOTE) If you apply and become inactive without a legitimate reason you will get a permanent ban from the network 

- (NOTE) If your application gets accepted you will be required to join our teamspeak 3 server for an voice interview.


- You are not to request any staff members to view your application

- You may not leak any information from any Skype staff chat/discord

- You are still to follow every rule that the server contains

- You are not to abuse any of your moderator abilities

- You are not to delete any messages from chat

- You may not provide any false information about your wrong-doings to any staff member

- Must not ignore players if their questions/requests are reasonable.

- Breaking any of the rules can lead to demotion and denial of access to the servers


What's your real life name?

What's your in game name?

How old are you?

Are you able to use Teamspeak and talk?

What is your reason for applying for staff?

Are you experienced?

Have you been staff on any other servers? (If so, please state the name)

What's your timezone?

What country do you live in?

Do you have skype?

Why do you believe that you can contribute to TheOrderNetwork?

How long have you been playing?

Name 3 things you know about the server (The more detailed the better)

How many hours a day are you on TheOrderNetwork?

Have you ever been banned on other servers? (Don't type all reasons, just a few.)

If You Were In A Situation That You Are Not Suited To Handle, What Would You Do?


The more detailed your application is, the better. 

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